A corporation located in Shiba, Minato-ku, TokyoDVCWe provide the necessary tools for video production, whether professional or amateur.
In addition to selling video equipment, we aim to be a convenience store that can immediately handle information provision, purchase of equipment, rental, repair reception, etc. at the store.

Company overview


Needless to say, the style of video equipment, use bigger in the last few years has changed.
Said photographic equipment from Gopro video DSLR, camera gimbal and 4 K8K and camera drones and expressing very diverse and there.
And then change to 'borrow' from buy shooting equipment, almost any process became possible at the personal computer editing equipment.
We will respond with "advice based on experience" that cannot be done by internet mail order and rental specialized company.
Wait, such as maintenance and operations at our disposal a wide range of consultation, as well as on the procurement of goods.

Our corporate philosophy

In some of your images, whether professional or amateur appreciated if you help.
We opened 5/17/2004 in Akasaka to present various video production company, editorial production.

Curiously, most key TV production center, Tokyo Minato-ku to these broadcast video equipment sales shop we do not ever could.

Currently, various broadcast videotape home DVD.,From VHS tape media such as CD-r, large-sized camcorder, mini DV cameras and non-linear equipment and rain cover and machine equipment establishes a variety of tools required to produce the video storage cases, cables, lamps and gloves in stock at all times, you can take away when you need to structure your Rocky Mountains.

Here 7-changed environment surrounding the video production in eight years.
The evolution of the spread of mini-DV camera, PC-based non-linear devices, and high-definition of the start of terrestrial digital broadcasting than last year, production equipment, etc.

We just convenience stores, etc. just a sales, as well as providing information, equipment purchase, rental, repair was to anticipate store in such a situation.

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